Clinical experience with the use of Flavin7®, Pilot Study


2014-02-24 11:05:48


Prevention of malignant diseases, improvement of the quality of life of patients under cancer treatment regimens, care and rehabilitation. Observation of clinical status, changes in the course of the disease with emphasis on the quality of life during the use of the high bioflavonoid content Flavin7® dietary supplement.


Dietary supplement, Flavin7® was added to standard treatments, randomized,multi-center, controlled clinical trial on 295 patients in 33 centers.


Flavin7® is a dietary supplement containing bioflavonoid, resveratrol, anthocyanides, vitamins, minerals and trace-minerals. Its oxidative radical scavenging activity is a function of concentration and time, and exceeds the effectiveness of similar products on the market. In this study, the treating physicians found that Flavin7® inhibits the growth of tumours, reduces or alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Flavin7® displays hepatoprotective properties and protects against cardio toxicity. Reduces pain caused by bone metastases. The treating physicians observed improved quality of life and symptoms of depression.


The review of international scientific literature and epidemiology data suggest that the role of bioflavonoids is more accepted in prevention. Presently, the scientifically proven treatment methods are not successful to reasonably improve quality of life, survival figures, complete and partial remission. Flavin7® given as a dietary supplement markedly improved the quality of life and the ratio of complete and partial remission of our patients. Our clinical observations suggest that the introduction of bioflavonoid supplements can effectively reduce the cardiovascular and cancer morbidity, mortality and chemo-prevention could become more successful. We strongly suggest further clinical research that meets the expectations and international standards of the society of oncologists. In the challenging field of oncology there is a place for complementary modalities of chemo-prevention and symptom-control.

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